Tue, Mar 19, 2024

Introducing Our Coldest Night of the Year Campaign Sponsors: Voices of Support for SHOW

As we reflect on the success of SHOW's recent Coldest Night of the Year campaign, all of us are immensely grateful for the support and generosity of the sponsors that have played a vital role in making a meaningful difference in the lives of SHOW residents. 

We are honored to share with you the voices of our campaign sponsors, who have graciously provided quotes as to why they chose to support SHOW during this important fundraising initiative.

These quotes not only highlight the dedication and commitment of our sponsors but also underscore the impact of their support on our mission to provide safe and supportive housing for individuals experiencing homelessness and housing instability.

  “At Richardson Wealth we help our clients plan for their financial future. They, and we, are fortunate to have a place to call home, providing warmth and security. We struggle to imagine moving forward without these basic requirements and we hope our participation in Coldest Night of the Year can help (a little) to lift those in need. The individual stories of how Supportive Housing of Waterloo (SHOW) has provided space and support to their clients who only want what we and our clients want has both a moral and economic imperative. 
Richardson Wealth’s commitment to KW has recently expanded with a new office for 40 employees in downtown Kitchener. Community involvement is a key part of Richardson Wealth’s identity across all our offices and three KW advisor teams, and their team members are excited to participate in CNOY this year! We hope this is the start of a lasting collaboration.” 

“At Cineplex Digital Media, we believe in supporting the communities in which we live, work and play. Being part of the community of Waterloo, means we are proud to sponsor this year’s Coldest Night of the Year event, providing support and resources to local charities serving people experiencing hurt, hunger and homelessness.” 

“Erb & Good Family Funeral Home has been serving families in Waterloo Region for over 75 years, with compassionate and community-minded care. This includes support for Supportive Housing of Waterloo (SHOW) and its noble role with three locations, as well as its dedicated staff and volunteers. Coldest Night of the Year (CNOY) raises awareness and funding for the crucial work that SHOW, and its partner agencies continue to do, and Erb & Good is humbled to be among the sponsors of SHOW and CNOY.” 

“The Home Depot Canada proudly invests in programs and initiatives in our community that align with our company’s core value to give back and our Foundation’s mandate to work to prevent and end youth homelessness in Canada.  Coldest Night of the Year is an important initiative that helps raise awareness and financial support for agencies serving homeless populations across Canada. By partnering with Coldest Night of the Year we directly support groups in our community while providing our associates meaningful opportunities to participate in local community events across the country.” 

“SHOW means a lot to our community! KPMG participates in the Coldest Night of the Year walk each year to support our neighbors experiencing hurt, hunger, and homelessness. Together, we believe we can make an impact and inspire others to do so too.” 

“Libro is happy to support SHOW in the Coldest Night of the Year, as they are raising funds for projects designed to provide long term solutions for those with barriers to housing in our community.”  

  "mcCallumSather is happy to sponsor SHOW in their Coldest Night of the Year initiative. Our shared values to support affordable housing projects and the community in KW is why chose to support this event. We thank SHOW for being a great resource for the KW community. 

“McCarter Grespan is proud to support SHOW’s Coldest Night of the Year campaign.  As a firm one of whose specialties is real estate law, SHOW’s work strikes a particular chord with us at McCarter Grespan.  We at McCarter Grespan recognize the increasing impacts that homelessness and the lack of affordable housing are having in our community and, as a result, sponsoring SHOW was and is an obvious outlet.” 

“WalterFedy is proud to support Supportive Housing of Waterloo (SHOW) in their Coldest Night of the Year event. As an organization committed to community, our support for SHOW stems from our shared values and dedication to creating positive change. Al Hayes, the Board President of SHOW, played an instrumental role at WalterFedy. His leadership and dedication to both organizations have been invaluable in fostering a strong partnership between SHOW and WalterFedy. 
SHOW's Coldest Night of the Year event is a testament to our commitment to making a tangible difference. By fostering a more inclusive and compassionate community and assisting with access to the resources and support needed to lead fulfilling lives, we aim to contribute to a brighter future for all.” 

“Willson Sand & Gravel is proud to be part of this year's Coldest Night of the Year event. We recognize that too many in our community survive without the very basic necessities of life that the majority of Canadians take for granted. Thank you to Supportive Housing of Waterloo for organizing the 2024 event. This will no doubt continue to raise awareness to this ever-important issue in our community, province and nation” 

“How can we help our community and the problems it faces; we choose to help others. Supporting SHOW in the Coldest Night of the Year walk is a small step we can take to help those in our community change their lives. We see the difference SHOW makes in the lives of those they support, and giving our support to SHOW will be sure it continues.” 

“Zehr Group is deeply committed to making a positive impact in the community, we chose to support SHOW at the Coldest Night of the Year event because of their unwavering dedication to providing all kinds of support from shelter, warmth, crisis, and spiritual support and support to those experiencing homelessness. Their holistic approach not only addresses immediate housing needs but also offers critical resources and guidance to help individuals rebuild their lives with dignity and resilience. By participating in this event and supporting Supportive Housing of Waterloo, we hope to contribute to the collective effort of ensuring that everyone has access to safe and supportive housing, especially during the coldest and most challenging times of the year. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of our neighbors in need.”